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An environmentally friendly project

Within the framework of the construction of the renewable hydrogen production plant, Air Liquide is working to prevent all the negative effects potentially generated by the work. It is also a question of preserving the local ecosystem (fauna and flora) throughout the operating period.

Even before the very first stone is laid, the Group's teams, accompanied by an engineer-ecologist in charge of ecological monitoring of the site, are ensuring that the environment is protected. An action plan consisting of 5 pillars will be deployed:



Project Manager Air Liquide Normand'Hy

"In the context of the Air Liquide Normand'Hy project, the environmental aspect is quite important and is linked to our prefectural decree to operate the plant. To obtain it, we carried out an environmental impact study, supervised by an ecologist engineer who makes sure that the measures mentioned in the study are properly implemented. These measures are part of an E.R.C. approach for Avoid, Reduce, Compensate. 


Air Liquide is going beyond its legal obligations by allocating additional funds to finance the extension of the perimeter for installing barriers. This initiative makes it possible to take into account the compensation zone in addition to the one corresponding to the plant's footprint. 

In concrete terms, the objective is to preserve the local fauna from the places where it frequently passes through due to the plant's activity, while providing spaces dedicated to its development in a safe and sustainable manner. 

At the same time, Air Liquide made a request for a derogation to move protected species with the support of the ecologist engineer in charge of monitoring the project. This consists of defining a specific protocol for capturing the species identified on the plot and releasing the individuals potentially present outside the plant's footprint.

In this regard, all Air Liquide workers mobilized on site are trained in these methods.


I now hope that this preservation approach will find examples of application internally and externally... To be continued!"